Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5.8 Yikesabee!!

Yes, we experienced an eathquake today. The first my youngers will actually prolly remember.

It was long. Berty was really scared, as was her friend. They were playing in her room. I called to her when I realized it wasn't JUST a big truck driving by. They came RUNNING out! I grabbed them & held them close to me, trying to calm & comfort them.

I kept expecting it to end but it seemed to last forever.

They're hearts were POUNDING.

Afterwards, I held their hands tightly & walked them outside. Trying to talk non-chalantly. I knew berty's friend needed her mom. We walked them home next door & she broke down crying as soon as she saw her mom. Her & Berty were both shaking.

It didn't help that thigns actually fell off shelves & therefore this earthquake was accompanied by the sounds of breaking glass.

Cell phones were NOT working afterwards. Even text messages took awhile to start going through.

ETA: news has downgraded it to a 5.4.


  1. Glad you are okay. SOunds very scary

  2. Yes, I am glad you are OK. It really does sound so scary. I don't know how I would handle it.


  3. Glad you are okay, girl. :)


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