Monday, July 21, 2008

They call THIS work?


Was in Beverly Hills this morning for a shoot for 'Entourage'. I don't watch it have no idea what it's about except it's based in 'LA'. lol

I DID have to wake up EARLY! 4:15AM. I left about 5:00AM...BUT was home before 10:30 am. What a life! really only worked for about 3 hours, but still get paid for 8! wutwut!

I didn't do a thing. I sat in a chair till they told me to move to another seat jic it showed in the shot. nice. SO I got paid to read my Bible. :-)

I did meet a nice woman who gave me some sites to check out for work...& told me about her last gig---can I just say that reality tv is NOT real! She had an entire episode revolve around her & it was ALL fake. Her birthday, her name, her friends & mother---ALL fake! Improvised script.

I'm tired. I never get up that early, well not willingly.

Oh & btw, we enjoyed breakfast this morning @ 'base camp', conveniently located in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, No joke! Would you roll your eyes if I wrote I was dead serious? lol

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  1. Such an interesting life out there in entertainment land, huh?


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