Thursday, July 17, 2008

Exceptions to the 'rule'

Cause every rule has them right? lol

Daddy is exempt from 'tv free' & so are backyard movies.

We enjoyed our first backyard movie last night. One of my favorite & fun musicals: Bride & Prejudice. It was kinda humid, mosquitoes were out, (but I didn't get bit) & we witnessed a RAT scurry along the power lines onto our roof! EEEEEKK! Good thing all our attic & subarea vents are 'secure'. Imagine!

Dh got bit a bit but he was a good sport.

It was much cooler outside then in so that was nice.

I have decided to make Musical Mondays, while Dh is @ improv rehearsals (although he likes musicals)...we will show a musical on the projector in the backyard. 1 day down...6 to go...

I think I will make Tuesday nights after Youth group--Telescope Tuesdays & then Water Wednesdays--where we go to the beach or somewhere for the ktbunch to get wet--or do laundry? lol

I think a schedule like this could work for the school year too....

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