Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fireworks, fireworks & more fireworks!

Finally starting to feel better, I think.

We enjoyed the 2nd annual July 3rd Pool party last week @ our friend/college acting professor's house last week. He lives in Riverside so it's a bit of a drive but it's worth it. What a great host & the pool helps too. lol We enjoyed a fabulous fireworks display from his home @ the top of a hill...lots of delish food & drink too.

Then on the 4th we headed to the beach for another friendly get together w/ friends from church & of course, food. Parking was a pain but after a prayer we found one right in the very front! woohoo. The day was warm and we enjoyed another fabulous fireworks show over the ocean.

I am hoping to be able to do the Disneyland Half Marathon @ the end of the month...I don't know. I ran on Monday, 5k & did ok...but since then? arg! no comment.

If I can get up & out of this morning fatigue & foggy feeling, I think I can do ok.

Did some ice-blocking w/ some youth on Tuesday night. Hadn't done that since highschool I think...had lots of fun & laughs.

Took a drive to Wildomar (Murrietta) yesterday to meet some online mamas & had a lovely visit & again---swam in the pool. Very nice time had by all.

Summer is in full swing...although it feels a bit late.
It'll be gone before we know it!

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  1. OK I'm a dork...what's iceblocking?



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