Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ice Blocking 101

For Susan:

Large BLOCK of ice.

25lb block for $3 is sufficient.

Towel optional.

Invite friends.

Find big grassy hill.

'Steep' optional.

Sit on block of ice.

Again, towel optional.

Slide down hill.

Sometimes you need a little push.

Sometimes you don't.

Good to take Youth Leaders---
(someone has to buy the ice & drive.)

Pushing, as opposed to carrying, the ice back up the hill, is recommended.
Trust me.

Then go again!

Sliding down on your stomach, although totally cool, may result in a wipe out.

No fighting over ice!

Going @ night is not required, but it will feel like A LOT more fun!

Laughs guaranteed!

You will get wet.


  1. So is that Susan as in me? Slide down on your butt on a block of ice Susan? It has to be :) Too much fun!

  2. Thanks for the explanation. I'm pretty sure I haven't heard of it because we have no hills here! It sounds like great fun, though.

    :-) Susan


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