Monday, July 14, 2008

Well, it wasn't the BEST camping trip.....

But it certainly was memorable!

Oh my goodness...this weekend was pretty darn AWFUL!!!

We adapted & had to change plans & that was ok, but as far as a camping excursion goes, it was undeniably AWFUL!!!!!

It's fire season here in So CA. It's hot & dry. So a side effect of that is fires DO happen & fires make weird environmental causing EXTRA bees (technically yellow jackets) to swarm even MORE during 'bee season'! It was literally like a plague!!!

Imagine trying to make 30-40 white/wheat/whole wheat--turkey/ham--mayo/mustard OR peanut butter--jelly--honey--banana sandwiches while being chased by BEES!!!! Have you ever tried to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich WHILE RUNNING in various zig-zag & circle patterns? Have you ever randomly got whiplash due to a sudden hysterical whipping of the head & hair because you heard a bee buzzing by your ear & you can see @ least 5 more hovering around your head in your SHADOW?

So was like that.

The campground itself, although dry &dusty, was very LITTLE kid friendly. I noticed quite a few playgrounds, we visited the water park (tix sold separately) but it was really for littles, they had a good looking bike trail IF we had bikes & you could rent those pedal car things--but we didn't, & free Saturday night movie. (This weekend featured The BEE Movie--are you kidding me?) & they had a BEAUTIFUL lake w/ NO SWIMMING allowed!!!! That was the hugest bummer.

Good thing there were quite a few beaches nearby--sans bees--but none had fire pits. Oh well.

I believe most of the students still had fun but it was much more hard work than *I* anticipated. whew! I need a vacation from that vacation. lol

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