Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I swear I've gained 10lbs! I can SEE it. ugh.

I suspect being pg @ 35 is going to be completely different than being pg @ 29!

My goal is to be in the BEST physical shape during this pg & to enjoy it the most.
If only I could get passed these tired & depressed feelings...I'm going to have to work harder @ this, I think.

I need to be more forceful w/ myself to get up & get MOVING...on the bike @ least. {sigh}

Growing a human takes an unbelieveable amount of energy OUT of you. kwim?
Seriously, lets examine this for a moment...

I. am. growing. a. HUMAN BEING. in. my. body!

This week I believe baby is developing it's (microscopic?) brain...next week, the heart should begin beating.

I am never less amazed when I think of the development of a human life. I can become completely overwhelmed w/ awe if I think of it too much.

I don't believe you can have a baby & NOT believe in God. Incomprehensable to me.


  1. It is pretty awesome, isn't it? Amazing!

  2. Girl, my last one was at 36. Yes, I was exhausted the first trimester but gained all my energy back over night it seemed. You will be fine. Keep runnin/jogging - wahtever your doc says you can do. I only gained 12 over my starting weight at conception (I lost a bit during first trimester - sick). So you can do it! :)


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