Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1st appointment stats

Nothing special...ok so I HAVEN'T gained 10lbs!! I've gained about 4. Let's just assume it's from growing baby. ;-)

I think I've grown about 1/2 an in. in height too. lol Or I was standing extra tall? OR i just forgot about that 1/2 in since I've been rounding UP my entire life anyway? lol

Urine test again & vials of blood taken. Paperwork w/ a gazillion questions about medical history blahblahblah.

I thought we were 5 weeks along, we are 6 weeks & 1 day. I can never keep track of the weeks vs mos. So we are developing heart right now. 6 week ultrasound scheduled for this Friday, plus another one @ 9 weeks then standard @ 18 weeks. 18 weeks seems so late, I thought it was usually around 12 weeks? But date wise it seems to be about 4 mos so I guess that makes sense? Lets call it crazy gestational math. lol

I normally decline the AFP testing, but because of my age, I qualify for an extra I agreed. I usually decline since I know I would have baby no matter what & the test is not %100 accurate, so therefore, IMO, it creates UNnecessary stress or worry. The test is a state test to determine some birth defects, like down syndrome. I guess statistically, baby is @ a higher risk due to my age. I'm not personally concerned about that.

EDD is 4/23. Online calculator said 4/24. Only God knows. I'm still hoping to receive my precious gift on MY actual birthday of 4/17. *I* personally think it would be all the extra special. :-)

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  1. He ended up arriving on April 5th right?

    P.S. You are such a good blogger. I am not.


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