Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It matters...

WHO you surround yourself w/.

We have been fellowshipping w/ a new 'marriage group' & it's been great.
I really do think it makes a big difference to fellowship w/ couples if you are a couple...not just singles.

It helps to keep things in perspective & right-minded. If you hang out w/ singles, you can begin to start thinking like a 'single' & les like a 'two-some' & that is not healthy.

Also it creates a good accountability w/ each other & friendships w/ other couples where you can say: Hey, how are you REALLY doing? kwim?

Plus it's fun when you start comparing notes on behaviors or things & can laugh when you realize you ALL experience similar things w/ your other half.

I'm really enjoying our marriage group anyway...*I* think it's been FUN! :-)

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