Wednesday, August 13, 2008

missed it by...THAT much!!

So it's Perseid's Meteor shower time again...happens EVERY August.

I was reminded about it by accident when I saw an article online, thank goodness because EVERY year I vow to SEE it next year. It brings back lovely childhood memories of dad would tell us there was going to be a meteor shower & we would be allowed to stay up late OUTside, laying on the grass staring up @ the sky, hoping & waiting w/ anticipation of seeing shooting stars. Dad would visit w/ the neighbors while their kids, our friends, hung out w/ us on our blankets.

So I read an online article that said peak viewing time would be 1:30 AM (Tuesday morning)... so w/ determination, I set my alarm for 1:00 am. I got up, went out back, & I also woke up oldest ds & he brought out his telescope.

I wanted to sit on the porch swing we have but I saw a big spider on it so forget that.

I sat on the back porch staring up @ the sky...NOTHING!!!!!! NOT a thing!!!

Later I saw a tv news cast that stated the PEAK viewing time was 4:00 AM--not 1:30 like I read! ARG!!!

Next year is scheduled to be a FULL moon which will block out much of the stars & any chance of seeing any. I was SO bummed!!!

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