Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wanna play chicken?

Runner vs. Car!!!

Today, I'm running in the street of my neighborhood--as usual--because asphalt is better on the body then sidewalk. Going in the opposite direction, facing traffic--as usual--which is the safest way to run in the street so you don't unsuspectingly get picked off by a car you don't see.

I'm not in the middle of the street but I am not next to the curb either, otherwise my body is on a slant & that does not bode well for the ankles, knees or the rest of your body. kwim? Who wants to run tilted sideways?

Well, this lady is driving towards me, naturally, but she is not moving aside...she even slows down...waiting for me to move I suppose?

Except she has an ENTIRE STREET to drive in! What is the big deal to swerve a little to the side to avoid me? She was NOT moving---but hey, guess I was feeling extra stubborn cause neither was I! How DUMB!

IF there had been a car coming on the opposite side, I could clearly understand--but there was NOT! AND like I mentioned, it's NOT like I was in the middle of the street or anything. Geez!

I wondered, for a split second if we were going to come to a head to head stand still! She finally swerved around me @ the last minute, but not w/o giving me a VERY dirty look & stare down. lol

Actually completed a full 5k w/o stopping to walk. Was slower than I have been in the past BUT was also faster than last few times. Didn't ride my bike though cause I had too much to do. Seems like 5k has become my LONG run. {sigh} But whatever...@ least I'm moving & that's always a positive. :-)

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