Saturday, August 16, 2008

@ the carwash.....

working @ the car wash...whoooooooaaaaaaOOOOOoooo!

Remember that song?

The youth group had a fundraiser car wash today. It was definitely was car wash weather cause it was HOT! We didn't know that we had competition right up the street though from the local Public Highschool. bummer.

It was alright though.

It was neat to see who showed up---cause obviously they showed up to WORK! It wasn't a field trip, it wasn't an activity was to WORK!!!

We only worked for a few hours, 9am-12pm. My job was to stand on the corner w/ a few students, wave giant car wash signs & holler @ passers by. We got a few. lol

I did end up washing a car or can only holler for SO long. kwim? lol
Dh brought the not-so-littles when he went to work---& they went right to work. They are great. I received so many compliments on what great workers & helpers they are! :-)

Not too bad of a way to spend a hot Saturday morning. :-)

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  1. Dontcha love it when people compliment your kids' work? That's when I know each lesson from home is worth it.




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