Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Ultrasound

Met the MD this time.
I think things are diff w/ kaiser this go around...I have a lot more prenatal co-pays, which are ONLY $10 but I wasn't expecting ANY.

The MD was REALLY enthusiastic, friendly & nice. That was good.
She made it sound like the midwife & her would 'tag-team'? ???

She was pretty upfront & on top of the whole 'birth control' issue. Letting me know that 'many women', are looking into permament methods & therefore papers need to be signed around 20 weeks. (I'm not into anything 'permament') I prolly shouldn't have told her this was a 'surprise'.

So heart was beating 174 per minute, she said it looked fabulous. Only gave one measly pic & kept 2 for I don't know what??
Baby didn't even look bean shaped but odd shape, guess that's normal for 8 weeks 3 days. She said this ultra-sound machine was very accurate & that puts my due date @ 4/16.

Weight is up to 132!!!!! That would be about 7lbs gained. I told her I was concerned about the RATE I'm gaining weight.....she insisted that for my height, my weight was FINE, & that it would only be a concern if I was over weight. She said she recommends about 3-4 lbs per month weight gain.

I can say I have been 'blessed' NOT to feel any 'morning sickness' or anything like that. Only an occasional 'twinge' but it's like a few seconds--I eat a few bites of anything & it's gone.

Hopefully this tiredness will go away soon too....I am starting to feel UP, but get easily tired today, after this weekend.Doesn't seem like much but we had our marriage group Friday night, special night of worship & prayer Sat. night, leadership meeting Sunday afternoon & church Sunday evening & birthday party w/ a family for thier very ill son. (just turned 21--been battling cancer & complications for 2 years now). that's all...I might post a baby bump pic in a while.
I've been trying to deny it---but it's pretty much UNdeniable now.......

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  1. Wow! Congratuations! What a blessing for your family.


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