Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Window Treatments

Here's the before (kinda)...

I liked the center fabric screen BUT I was TIRED of the cheap reddish/pinkish curtains on the sides.....

Have you seen those VINYL window coverings? They are stickers, in various designs...well I ALWAYS wanted to get those in a 'frosty' look to cover the windows w/. It provides privacy while STILL allowing the light to shine in.

I REALLY NEED the light to be able to shine in, especially in the winter...I LOVE bright rooms.
Well, to cover all the window panes would cost something else.....

SO my frugal self went to work w/ an idea & followed-through today.
Not as detailed since the light was shining IN the window...looks like a sillouhette...

I covered the winders (lol) w/ 'frosty' tissue paper. The tissue on the side windows has tiny white dots, on white. All the center is just plain white.
It makes the window bare & plain but CLEAN looking. It will look really nice come Christmas when I have my lights & garland around the window.

NO need for curtains since there is full privacy.
I LOVE it.

(btw: the side windows open & are open in the picture, which is why you can see out.)


  1. It looks nice when you drive by too. :-) You always so creative and resourceful.

  2. Anonymous12:15 PM

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  3. Beautiful,will be trying this today for Christmas!

  4. Beautiful how did you do this? With modge podge?


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