Sunday, September 21, 2008


Whew! What a busy weekend, right? I assumed the first 2 parties were @ the SAME time. They were NOT. lol The first one started @ 11am...we showed up a bit after 1pm! Yikes.

Then we arrived to the 2nd party around 4pm. THEN we skipped the last birthday party to go straight to the Bridal Shower/roast.

Oh my word! We had so much fun...ROFLOL evening. Saw & visited w/ old friends. We were chosen to play a real live version of The NewlyWed game! TMI! Our 'host' played it quite well...including original questions involving the word: WHOOPIE! Talk about BLUSHING! But we ALL laughed SO hard, many of us could not hold back tears.

We almost won...but missed the bonus question. lol

Good times! Good times! :-)

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