Saturday, September 20, 2008

Over-booked & Under-written.

I have 4 scheduled parties today & one football game for ds! And I haven't hardly been blogging. oh me, oh my!

I have a bunch in my head...but alas, sigh...there's only so much room in there.

How do days end up like this? A million & 1 things all in 1 day? I committed myself to 2 seperate events when I was invited...then a couple more last minute invites were added, then toss in this new football season that we were informed about literally days before!

It's too much for any person, much less a tired, pg mom to handle.

But we do it, right? Cause it's what we do.

I hope, @ least, there is good food @ these parties today. ;-)

OH! & did I mention all todays parties are of the gift giving occasion? I have ONE gift ready. (ok, almost ready) ONE! So I either add in a shopping trip among all of this...or hope that we were really invited cause they wanted US there & not just our presents.....

I'm actually too tired to really care either way @ this point. Is that so horrible?

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  1. OK where have I been???? Did I miss the FIRST reference to "tired pg Mom"????

    I have scrolled back through your blogs and didn't see anything.

    This is the first weekend in a while when I haven't had anything pressing to do. And I'll tell you, I'm loving it.

    :-) Susan


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