Thursday, October 9, 2008


2 weeks ago I got pix/headshots taken to submit to an 'agency', one that happens to specialize in pregnant talent.

1 week ago I actually went & got some printed, to submit.

TODAY, I finished my {fluffed up} resume, wrote a representation request letter, included my headshot & MAILED a packet to the agency.

Whew! Procrastination should be my FIRST name. Do you know how many times I had to tell/remind myself I had NOTHING to lose...& yet I still was/am nervous & kinda afraid anyway? Of what? Of never hearing back which = REJECTION! duh!

But again, the rational part of me, reminds myself, I can sit here & do nothing, or I can take a step, sure a risk & it ends up as nothing & I've lost nothing OR it ends up as 'something'. kwim? Life IS risk & hopes & dreams & disappointments. SO WHAT! Is it because it's a 'dream'?

And I act as if this is the FINAL step, when in reality, it would only be the first, one of many.
If the agency even accepts me--uh hello? there would be auditions. lol More risk.

I would cross my fingers but that would only cut off my circulation. Instead, I literally prayed over my 'packet' before I even left the house. When I got to the post office, affixed proper postage ($1 whole dollar), I had the ktbunch & I place hands on the hot pink 8.5x11 envelope, say a prayer & drop it in the chute!

risk taken-CHECK!

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  1. I always thought it was cool hwo you at least try out your dreams, KT. Not everyone is as willing to take those "risks." Those photos look beautiful and if anything, you can at least say you tried.

    (side note - I tagged you for a quick meme, if you have time and want).


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