Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Feeling more like my ol' self....

Took a,n actual RUN last Thursday! I walked a mile, ran a mile then rode my bike for 3.1 mi/5k.
I felt SO good.

Physically I was not up to my old endurance & pace, but the fact that I DID it. My run was slow, 12:30 for 1 stinking mile but I felt good about it anyway & proud of myself. One of my knees felt a bit tweaky but it always does the first day back.

Course, it took me a few days to recover! lol But seriously, it was a busy weekend.
Today I got back out there & I didn't have time to do the whole work out so I did one mile total, walk/run combo, 2 min each, @ a time. My time was even faster, 12:24 min, considering half of it was walking. My chest hurt a bit after but admittedly i didn't do a proper warm up or cool down, which is WHY I decided to do a run/walk combo anyway. No knee issues either. Mentally--I felt FANTASTIC afterwards! What a GREAT start to my day!

We had too many other things to do...like go fabric shopping for my Halloween costume. I finally decided what I was going to be, last night. I was up way too late 'researching' & I am SO excited.

You'll have to wait until it's finished & I'll post a pic. heehee! ;-) We have a costume party to attend on Saturday & there is a costume contest...& well, I AM a bit competitive...SO I totally hope I WIN! LOL--but serious!

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