Saturday, October 18, 2008

How DARE they!

We were all in the bedroom watching tv when we heard banging on our door...thinking it was the little neighbor girl wanting the ktbunch to we sent oldest to was their 16 yo dd instead, HYSTERICAL.

She had just been mugged & assaulted!!!!! She was walking home, broad daylight, almost home, (we live on a corner & they are next door neighbors) right across the street & 3 girls pulled up & told her to give them her purse & phone (dooney & burke purse, I only know it's a high end purse, valued around $150, phone valued around $200) plus she had $120 cash in her purse.

They tried to grab her purse, she held onto it then they punched her in the head, then got back in their car & drove off.

She ran home (across the street & one house over) but no one was home so she ran to our house. I am SO grateful to God that we have developed a relationship & friendship w/ these neighbors that she could come over here. We never knew our other neighbors. No one was home @ her home but they happen to all get back about 15-20 min later.

She was hysterical & shaking & crying. I called 911 to report it but it was so sad. The police promptly arrived & took a report & all that.

Please pray specifically for peace for her, freedom from fear or a grudge against people of color. (it was 3 black girls)And comfort for her. I can only imagine how traumatic that was & how scared she felt.

WHEW! None of us can even believe this just happened & in OUR neighborhood....& w/ so much traffic NO ONE stopped to notice or help. I'm sure it all happened very fast, too. kwim? I'm sure it was random but one police officer did state that there is a new trend of people randomly but purposely, robbing TEENS of their electronics: ipods, phones ect.

Makes me SO mad too!
Who do people think they are to treat other humans that way...& in MY neighborhood. kwim?
It was 3 young girls too, maybe age ranging from 16-18.

The police were on top of it & I don't know if this is standard police procedure or what...but they had about 4-5 different officers interview her & take a report. Each one taking their own report & making her repeat/relive it each time, consecutively. I felt bad for her having to keep repeating it.

She did good though, keeping her story straight & even getting a partial plate of the car. :-(
It was quite freaky for all of us too, witnessing her going through such ranges of emotions from utter physical collapse, to adrenaline rush, anger, hysterical, crying, calm & wanting to run away. I had to tell my oldest a couple times to lock the door to keep her from leaving. This was before her parents arrived & while I was on the phone w/ 911, there was no safer place for her to be but w/ us.

I was even surprised how quickly the police responded & how many showed up....@ least 5 different cars. I really hope they catch them!

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