Monday, October 13, 2008

No Salad?

We went out to eat after church last night, w/ people from church. ALL I wanted was a salad. I've craving tomatoes. {eyeroll} The waitress informed me they were OUT of salad. What?

ok, whatever...but I theorized & was proven correct...that every burger ordered, came w/ slices of tomatoes & leaves of lettuce. Orders of wings included celery sticks, potato soup had scallions & bacon on top. AND someone even had a side of broccoli!

SO....was there NO knife? The cooks couldn't just get some lettuce leaves, chop them up, chop some tomato slices, slice some celery sticks, toss in some uncooked broccoli, maybe some bacon & voila! kwim?

Can you not MAKE a salad if it doesn't come out of a bag?
I was SO irritated!

What is wrong w/ people? Seriously.

Instead I ate everything I did not want to eat: carbs, carbs, & more carbs! Fries, mashed potatoes & piece of med. rare steak. It was all delicious but I wanted/needed something FRESH! kwim?

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  1. And there's nothing worse than telling a pg woman that she can't have what she wants. Yeah, seems like they could have made something.

    Hope you're well.



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