Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Disney Holidays

What a lovely day! DH has this week *off*. Today we went to Disneyland. It is festively decorated for Christmas already & it is *so* wonderful. I love *everything* about it. We attempted to take our 'Christmas Pic'. Not sure if we accomplished it but we'll see. Oldest ds hung around just long enough to take a few pix then he was off w/ a friend.
We spent most of our day walking around checking out sites like the new 'Pixie Hollow', which is a line you wait in to take a pic w/ Tinkerbell! Lame! But now we know. lol We also stood in a short line to take a pic w/ Santa. That's always fun & cool to check out the reindeer.

We also watched the Christmas Fantasy Parade, or whatever it's called. Then we went on Pirates of the Caribbean. That's always a favorite & there was a very short line. All the lights in New Orleans Square are beautiful. We tried to end our day w/ a train ride around the park to the entrance but the 'battery' went dead on the 'steam engine train'? So we had to disembark. lol

Since we had to get off, right next to It's a Small World, we were able to watch the Holiday light show. Small World is decorated w/ what seems like a gazillion lights. You can never have too many lights, I say! ;-)

The weather started out very warm, but when we arrived @ Disneyland it seemed much cooler. Eventually it became very breezy & even more cooler. We barely beat the rain home. Good thing we left when we did.

Later I went w/ DH for his late night improv show he has every Tuesday. Since we didn't have youth groups I was able to reserve some energy. It started raining on the way there too. We park a bit of a ways away so we got a little wet on our way...& more so on our way back. It was actually cold. Funny for CA....you know the land of perpetual sunshine & never rain. lol

It was quite cozy to wear a coat & scarf...if only I'd had a hat or thought to bring the umbrella. Good thing I'm *not* a wicked witch or I might've risked melting away. heehee.

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  1. Awww...I love your family photo! And the one of you and your DH is just fabulous! I hope you have had a fantastic holiday week.

    I've missed reading blogs and will catch up...It's been hard having my DS 1 leave...harder than I ever expected.




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