Monday, November 24, 2008

I can't believe it.

Today was the long awaited day....the ultrasound that would hopefully tell us if I was carrying a boy or a girl. I really hoped for a girl.

The tech was actually very nice. I remember previous experiences where the tech sat there in stone silence while my mind frantically wondered if my baby was missing a head or something. The tech would click, click, click away taking all these measurements while never saying a word nor looking in my direction.

This guy though was so friendly. He pointed out every pic, a different body part, all of which he said looked good & healthy. He asked me if he could tell if I wanted to know or wait until the rest of the family was in w/ me. I said No way! Tell me!!! I think I deserve some perks for being the mom, don't you? lol

There was *no* doubt about it. It was clearly a BOY!!! A boy! I laughed, I could not believe it.

I explained I had wanted a girl but really, all that matters is that baby is healthy. We already have 2 boys & a girl.

Finally the rest of the family came in & I teased them that I knew what we were having.
The tech teased them it was twins! I wish!!!

When he pointed it out, we all laughed. I said, it's a boy! & then Berty just stood there. She asked: is it a boy or a girl? I repeated: it's a boy! She suddenly burst into tears! & we all burst out laughing.

She was better after a chocolate dipped ice-cream cone. We're comfort eaters, what can I say? Plus encouraging words of how much she is going to love this little brother & her heart will melt & she'll most certainly have another playmate.

It seems her main concern was that she wanted someone to play w/. :-( I reminded her what a great playmate her closest brother is.

I still can't believe we are going to have 3 boys!!!!!
Now I can't stop wondering *what* he will look like & *what* his personality will be.

OH! & i almost forgot. THe tech asked me if this was my 2nd ultrasound. No....he said I was getting it so late. TO him, it looked like baby & I were almost 21 weeks along...but according to my due date, we are only 19 weeks along...everytime I've had an ultrasound, my due date I don't know???

Guess we'll see what the midwife says 2 the next appointment. But then he did say the ultrasound can be off, give or take, 3 weeks!!! How's that for accuracy?

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