Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fusion Family Night

Our youth group is called 'Fusion' & we've recently incorporated 'family nights', @ least once a month, into our weekly meetings. Last night was another one & we had a Thanksgiving FEAST!

MMmmmm. Everything was so good & delicious. A few parents showed up but plenty of youth, of course. The ktbunch & I made & brought cranberry muffins & cranberry-white chocolate oatmeal cookies. I thought cranberry was a good choice. ;-)

There was ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, pumpkin pie, rice, an asian (phillipino?) noodle dish w/ shrimp, carrot cake, cookies, delicious gravy, stuffing...mmmm...mmmm...good!

Everyone filled out a slip of paper stating what they were thankful for & we read some of them. A few youth briefly spoke on how God had changed their lives since Thanksgiving last year & a few leaders (myself included) shared how Fusion had affected our lives. Plus we sang a few worship songs. It turned out really nice, I thought.

Our pastor Deb pointed out how nice it was that so many of the Thanksgiving slips said they were thankful for the *food*, especially given the current state of the global economy & so many are going hungry these days. She said the number of people receiving food from foodbanks has risen %40 recently!!!! Can you believe that?

I read today that while core prices on products are dropping due to decreased consumer spending, food prices have *not* dropped but *risen*!

As times get tighter, I feel like I have so much *more* to be thankful for.

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