Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's ALL Gonna Burn!

CA has been experiencing wildfires recently. Combined w/ a statewide drought & dry weather, & it's out of control, causing millions if not more, in damages to homes & irreplaceable forests & wildlife.

Ash is raining down on everything in my neighborhood. Our chests are tight & it's hard to breathe.

But you know what? It's quite an object lesson. *Everything* we have, own & hold dear to us, materially speaking, is gonna burn in the end. There is nothing on this Earth that we can take w/ us. Not even relationships.

What are we doing or producing that will have any eternal effect? kwim?

There is only *one* thing that will last & that is a relationship w/ Jesus Christ, our savior. Are we reproducing that? Are we sharing that opportunity w/ others? Consistently?

All our wordly goods, though enjoyable, really mean nothing, in the grand scheme of things. And all the actions, everything we *do* will be tested & judged @ that time when it is passed through the fire. What will we have to offer? What will we have to show for our time here?

A collection of items? A closet of clothes? Knick knacks? Books?

Or have we loved as Christ loves? Have we given as Christ has given? Have we sacrificed as Christ sacrificed? Have we served the poor? Helped the needy? Cared for the widows & orphans?

Or will our lives go through that fire & produce nothing but grey ash & dust?

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