Sunday, November 9, 2008

God is so Amazing!

Economy is tight, sales are down...ugh! right?

Barely able to pay the rent this month...but NO worries. I'm learning, more & more each day to trust God & allow His will to work in my life.

I keep praying & living in peace, which includes petitioning God for some random financial provision, I know he can provide it, not like he needs *my* $$$ right?

You betcha!

Got a letter in the mail...advising Dh to cash a check that is over 90 days old, 9 MONTHS old to be exact! A payroll check from his previous employer. Of course we know nothing about this so we call the business office as instructed.

Hey God works in mysterious ways....what a boring cliche'! But look @ this!!! I mean seriously, LOOK @ this!!! Only God provides for His people in such crazy random ways like this!!! IRL, $$$ doesn't just show up in your mailbox, right? & yet....the check is in the mail!

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