Monday, November 10, 2008

Plans are changing....

And it's NOT *all* about *me*!

We were planning on going camping for Thanksgiving this year. I was SO looking forward to it. Really. Seriously!

But w/ mil's diagnosis..(still no fine details yet)..well, I think it goes w/o saying that it's best to stay closer to home this year. I'm bummed, honestly, but so what? *see first line of this post* kwim?

I spent all last week getting up @ 4:30 AM....& if you know anything about me personally, 4:30 only exists ONE time a day on my this was ugh BIG time. lol I worked the telethon again & was I grateful. Phones were s.l.o.w. Between the economy & the election...I guess people were NOT feeling much like giving. It was pretty bad, they were sending people home by the room full.

I've also started some Christmas gift planning. I hope things work out for our *big* family plan, which is to treat the family to a musical, like last year, but in lieu of lots of extraneous gifts, starting a new tradition & making a family night out on the town the gift instead. I'm not sure if it will happen, but we'll see.

I'm also encouraging the ktbunch to make homemade gifts for each other & the people they love. I've already started a few funky hats & matching scarves & blessedly, Fall finally decided to join us this year so it's quite appropriate. I like what I'm accomplishing so far...if only I can keep them put away until's my downfall...I make it, then promptly give it to the receiver to use right away! lol

I'll post pix later on my Krafty Blog. ;-)

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