Sunday, November 30, 2008

Long weekend

Wow! Why do these long weekends, holiday weekends, never feel so relaxing as you imagine they are going to be?

DH had the week 'off'--which is nice but admit makes everything else feel 'off' too, right? lol

Already posted pix of Tuesday.

Wednesday began a bit of Christmas decorating. The ktbunch hung the lights on the outside, half of which are not lighting up & 2 strings have fallen down across the porch threatening to choke us! Is this an indication of a Charlie Brown Christmas to come? ;-)

Thursday Thanksgiving--we celebrate @ both parents home, easy for me, I only had to bring 'rolls'. DH cooked his first, very own turkey, which tastes a little 'off' to me--not his, everyones, blame the 'baby'! I couldn't even enjoy my sil's annual Thanksgiving veggie lasagna!

Friday was my mom's birthday. I did not go to the cemetery, although I would have liked too. Spent a late night gabbing w/ a friend, teaching her to crochet while dh stayed home feeling flu-ish.

Saturday sil, aunt, dad & I cleaned out my parents storage unit. This was an unplanned, last minute, on teh spot "must do"!Mission accomplished & you would not believe the amazing treasures sil & I scored! I will post pix as soon as I can...but let me tell you---gobs of yarn, bag of vintage buttons & 2 vintage girls dress patterns, lots of love letters from grandpa to grandma AND a letter of proposal from gr. gr uncle to father of gr. gr aunt!!! to name a *few*. To do this I had to miss the funeral of my good friend's mother, I felt bad about that.

Today started w/ a migraine & back-ache, then church, baked a cherry pie, short rest, off to our regular evening service for an after-Thanksgiving meal & sharing words of thanks, plus members meeting.

And here I am. Up way too late....feeling my back twingy & head threatening to explode which actually sounds tempting & anxious for my day ahead tomorrow.

I had planned to be ready for tomorrow all weekend, & it never doing last minute preparations for our every-20-school-days-teachers-meeting tonight. I still have to gather & assemble work samples....I'll have a bit of time for that in the morning. I'll print out the Learning Record right before I head to bed, which should be any minute now.

Maybe I can relax Tuesday? Oh no, oldest has a team meeting & Middle-not-so-little & I are finally starting those guitar lessons! Yay! yay?

Arbor Day? Definitely Arbor Day!!! lolololollol

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