Monday, December 1, 2008

Another new due date....

So every time I go to the ob...or I should say each time I've had an ultrasound they've bumped up my due date....interesting.

Funny thing whenever anyone asks me, I've just been saying: sometime in April...& my vote is April 7th! lol

Well @ my monthly appointment today, my CNM verified that I have a new due date!!!

Let's just say it's no longer 'mid-April'...early April is more appropriate. So my next update pic..well it will be one week AHEAD! lol

And CNM says I've only gained about 10 lbs! *I* thought I was pushing 20lbs already. So either I was in denial about my pre-pg weight, cause I kept saying it was 125, but @ the initial apppointment I weighed in @ 130, or I *really* did gain 5 lbs in the first 2 weeks of pg! lol

So to *me* I've gained about 15 lbs...but according to the chart, I've only gained 10.

And if I do the math, according to my LMP, this new due date & baby's current size, baby was conceived right before my P or during it!!!


This is important to me because it only confirms that this was really a God thing. I think all conceptions are but....the idea was that I was just being irresponsible & maybe if I had been extra diligent...ya know?

But *who* imagines they are fertile & ovulating *during* thier P?

God is *crazy*.

Seriously...I don't know what He was possibly thinking but I'm excited to see how this all plays out.

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