Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recent CA events

CA has earthquakes & wildfires as part of our claim to fame. We aren't immediately affected by wild fires but they are a regular part of news & life here. We do get affected indirectly. Mainly w/ air quality. It's actually amazing how much we get affected.

Here are some pictures taken @ 3:00 in the afternoon, yesterday. The sky is murky & grey, ash is floating in the air & free falling from the sky. The sun is a hazy red & you can see an ugly, dirty layer of something in the horizon.

The pictures appear to look like fog but it is is ash filling the sky, our lungs & covering our cars. The ground looks like someone has emptied their ashtray over everything. All I can think is these are pieces of people's livelihoods raining down on us, turning to dust.

My dd & I were out running a few errands. We were in air conditioned stores, I thought we were better off & safer. My boys were @ home, in a too warm house w/ all the windows shut tight. It was stuffy. Turns out they were better off as dd & I started to have respiratory issues just from the few moments we were out going from store to car.
DD awoke w/ a fever, sinus issues & a cough that seems to be getting worse. :-(

It was a very eerie feeling in the air. I saw a few people walking around w/ masks on, but mostly streets were empty.

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