Monday, November 10, 2008

The World is flipping out!

There is madness all around me, seriously. People are upset over the election & hate is rising up. The economy is dying, globally. Something is really in the air..although yesterday it was really windy & that felt like it cleansed a bit.

I can clearly see faithful Christians being attacked on every side, in bizarre ways.
H losing jobs, families going on public assistance, mothers becoming very ill, finances a wreck, appliances going kaput...& yet God provides.

Is it a test or the enemy on the prowl?

Things just feel different.
I don't know if I can explain what is in my heart & what I'm sensing around me....but it's time to really take stock of our lives, examine who we are & what we're doing---in & for Christ.
Are we really living as Christ has called us to live?

Cause times are going to get harder around us & we need to be prepared
I have more to say about this but my mind is tired right now, more later.

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