Saturday, December 27, 2008

Almost felt like *me* again.

I took a run today!
Maybe it was more like a jog & waddle...a joddle? or a woggle? waggle? lol


But I felt good about it.
I walked a warm-up mile then ran (ok already, *jogged*) a mile.
Then walked a cool down mile.

It wasn't so bad.
I felt the aches & pains I get from walking but it wasn't so bad & after a while, they left completey. It did feel like every car that passed me was staring @ me...maybe they were?

But boy did I feel *great* afterwards!
There *really* is a *runner's high*.

& for a few slow, lumbering minutes, I felt like *me* again!

& btw: this little guy is *so* active. Seriously.
Berty was the last one & I really don't remember *her* being so active.
I don't remember noticing any of them being *so* active.

I wonder if that is a sign of thigns to come?
But newborns are so INactive, w/ the introduction of gravity & I wonder....

I also wonder what he is gonna look like.
What his personality is going to be.

I always enjoy that contemplation.
Wondering what the DNA mix is gonna be....only God knows. ;-)

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