Monday, December 29, 2008

I've got my own Stage!!!

My guys cleaned up the backyard today & the room that is attached to the garage (aka: The Lair), in preparation for our NYE Partaaaay! lol

Then they rearranged everything to make spots for the fire pit.

The topper?

They built a stage!!!

So we will be doing Karaoke outside, in the back yard this year! Then they even painted it w/ the left-over paint I had from painting my bed last year. They also set up lots of Christmas lights in the tree & bushes around it.

It looks pretty neat.

So The Lair will be for video games, projected onto the wall to make it a HUGE big screen, the house will be for food & the back yard will be for Karaoke!

I hope people actually show up. I know *I* will be singing (ahem...performing).

O! & we got a new little dog tonight. A chihuahua. He seems very mild mannered. So he gets to stay inside....I feel a bit bad for our other dog....

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  1. Sounds so fun! I hope it was a HUGE success.


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