Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm learning...

This could be an extremely stressful time. I could be justified in freaking out a bit, right? Or feeling kinda blue?

But guess what? I have not. Surprised? Yah, so am I! lol

Things are going amazingly well. No, no job yet, lots of leads & resumes posted, but *who* hires in December? right?

But this post would be longer than Santa's naughty list if I wrote out everything that has been going on & how God has been blessing us left & right in amazing ways.

The questionability of the Medi-cal has been cleared. As of Jan 1st, ktbunch & I will be covered w/ a $0 share of cost!!

The Food stamps we received were *pro-rated* in Jan, for a full month, the allotment is even *more*!!!

A lady from church, who I don't even know, called me & told me her 'care group' (like a small Bible study group) had chosen our family to help out this year cause they heard we were having a hard time. BUT get was *before* they even knew DH had lost his job. Is God good or what? He had this all planned out. They took me shopping this morning for Christmas gifts for my kiddos, are dropping off a turkey (& I'm sure some fixin's) & more gifts on Saturday!!!

HOW amazing is that?

WHO needs $? lol Seriously, God's grace is sufficient.

We were able to get a tree & it's the biggest, best looking tree we've *ever* had & it was only $25!!! Seriously!

We have been so blessed by caring & loving friends.
THAT is *being* the church!!

I am so overwhelming blessed by the generosity of my friends & church family.

These blessings have given me the strength, endurance & hope to keep on keeping on. Even more the ability to encourage others & be positive. Which is SO *not* me or my nature.

I believe that brand new day is coming!


  1. What a beautiful testimony to what God can do when things seem impossible. Praying for you all dear friend!!

    :-) Susan

  2. I can certainly attest to your amazing positivity despite ridiculous circumstances. You're such a ray of hope and a stunning example of faith for me. It's unbelievable that you've been able to be so supportive to us. You're such a great reminder to me to quit whining and choose joy.
    Much love,


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