Monday, December 15, 2008

Time to get *Anchored*

I've prayed in the past for various people, family members & for myself, to build a firm foundation in Christ & Christ alone.

But you know what? The foundation has already been there, since I was a child. I may have strayed from the blue prints @ times, but the foundation was always there & enabled me to return to the original plan.

Now, though, forget the foundation. It's time to ANCHOR ourselves to the Lord.

We need to secure ourselves to Him so that we won't be swayed by the shifting winds & stormy seas. We need to securely fasten ourselves to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

That has become my new prayer. The foundation is there. We *know* the core & basics of our faith...but what are we doing w/ it? Are we swaying when times get tough? Are we shifting course left & right, searching for comfort or a new direction?

It's time to settle in! To be firm & in place. Nothing can hold us firmer than the anchor of the Lord. He is our rock. Only w/ an anchor will we never be swayed to & fro.

Only if we cling w/ everything we have, to Him & Him alone will we remain steadfast & unshaken during the storms.

My prayers have moved beyond now....I am now praying for myself, my family to be securely *anchored* to the Lord.

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