Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Dh lost his job!

We figured it was coming...pressure to excel @ sales this past month but it was impossible.

They officially asked him to resign today (not the only one, quite a few others). But he has a right to decline & get 'terminated' instead.
He chose termination. So instead he is 'suspended' for the week until they can get their paperwork together.

I kinda wish they would hurry only because *then* I'd be @ the public assistance office first thing tomorrow morning.

I guess maybe I *can* do that anyway? & start all the paperwork? I don't really know how all that works.

We do not have savings or anything like that. SO this is the alternative.

I am thinking, off the top of my head, that the rent will be paid, @ least for the month of December, from this next/last check on the 5th...but that will be IT!
I'm not exactly worried, like about starving or anything. Food stamps, they won't give you until 30 days..but maybe that's different if you have no job.
And they will automatically cover me health ins. wise simply due to the fact that i ma pregnant. I can prolly still have Kaiser even. Again, just not sure how long that will take. If so though, I'm getting as much dental work done as i possibly can handle. seriously!!! I haven't ever had a *real* visit to the dentist...but anyway that is beside the point, right.

DH is not freaking out, very calm. I am calm outside & trying not to let the anxiety take over.

But also, realistically....I know that finding a replacement job is going to take some time...that's just how things work.

Lousy timing, right before Christmas...but I knew in my heart it was coming anyway, right?
Which was why I started all these crochet projects.

So I *am* excited though to see what God has planned here.
I believe it will be something different & better....
SO we will see.

& @ least DH & I are together.

Does it show a lack of faith if I start crying?


  1. I am so very sorry.
    You have your head on straight about this. Sounds like you need to get your heart more involved.
    I love the very last part about God being in control of it and "dh & I are still together".

    I'll be praying for the KTBunch. :)

  2. Sorry to hear this. No, it is no lack of faith to shed tears.

    I will be praying for you and your family through this transition. I hate it that companies do this at the holiday time...just awful.

    :-) Susan

  3. Does he speak Spanish? My company is hiring for a fueler at a station that is to open soon. I'll email you the info. :)

  4. I'm sorry, KT. Have prayed for you and your hubby.

    I've shed plenty of tears this year so there's no shame in that. Even Jesus wept.




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