Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Train

Just like every year, we headed over to MIL home to wait for the Santa Train. We take pictures, they hand you a giant red apple & big candy cane.

For a few years MIL would treat us all to McDonald's after our visit w/ Santa. She didn't disappoint this year either as she treated us to Taco Bell, afterwards. Then FIL treated everyone to donuts. Yum!

It was nice, we just hung out & waited until it was time to line up, down the block. I crocheted, working on some fingerless bike gloves...it's a pretty simple pattern. I'd like to make a few pairs for a few kids I know. ;-)

This is the 2nd year in a row DH has been able to be w/ us. That is always nice & he inevitably runs into old highschool pals. He sounded proud to show off his kiddos & pg W. It's always funny when they see "lil Ernie" who is totally not so little @ almost 16 years old! lol He's a good sport too, always smiling to take the annual photo w/ Santa on his train! ;-)

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  1. Sounds fun! Yeah, I remember having DS 4 with DS 1 being much older. Not quite as far apart as your two, but my friend had that and she LOVED it when the baby came and she had another "older" to help.




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