Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Alive

Wasn't there a doll w/ that name? lol

Baby is *so* active right now. I mean *really* active....*all* the time.

In these precarious times it's a comfort really, to know I'm *never* alone. A constant reminder & companion.

It's neat.

I'm in the cute stage anyway & that is enjoyable. You know the stage where all anyone can notice is your baby belly & they say nice things like: oh you exactly the same except w/ a baby bump, like you haven't gained *any* weight @ all.

Oh how sweet....& you sigh as you think, yah, you say that *noooooow*! lol

Wait till 8.5 mos! lol

I did find & bring out my 'bigger jeans'...regular jeans in sz 11 & 13. I LOVE wearing them more than the maternity pants. I really *don't* like those...or maybe it's just *not* the same as your *own* jeans...kwim? Even though they are bigger...they just feel more like *mine* & I am so much more comfortable in them. Go figure...& maybe it's the lack of *lint*!!!! (did i write about that?)

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