Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do you *want* to see?

*What* do you want to see?

Last summer, before I went to Ethiopia, I got new glasses. Two pair to be safe. I wanted to be sure to see as much of Ethiopia as I could, plus,'s much safer for me (or you?) @ night if I can actually *see* while I drive. right? lol

I don't mind, I love wearing glasses, unless they are crooked, but that's another blog.

One night though, when DH & I were out in LA for one of his shows...I debated, in my mind, if I should wear my glasses or not. I can see much farther & much clearer while wearing my glasses so why wouldn't I?

Hollywood isn't always so glamorous...especially @ night. It is filled w/ trash, homeless people & a wide variety of other *types*.

If I didn't wear my glasses, I wouldn't see so clearly what was *really* around me. I wouldn't see the trash so much. I'd see the body sleeping on the sidewalk but not the face. Not the person. I wouldn't see the dirty or gaunt cheeks.

I could simply choose not to see. I wouldn't see if there was danger. I wouldn't see the scantily clad young women walking from club to club, searching for *something* through the night.

I simply could choose *not* to see.
Did I really *want* to see, I asked myself.

How many times do we do that? How often do we choose *not* to see what is around us.

Hurting people. Empty lives & desolate hearts.
Are we purposely taking off our glasses?

Or are we wanting to see people only through our own blurry vision?
Why not look through God's lenses?

Why not search for truth...amongst the forlorn & lost faces...the broken hearted, the disappointed....Yes, people are dirty, there's tons of trash....What has ever been accomplished through ignorance?

How long will we walk down the streets of this world w/o our glasses on?
How many people will we walk past & never *look* @ them?

How is God seeing them?

Why did I think I'd be safer, for a moment, if I couldn't see as clearly? Would I be saving my heart? My conscience? My self? What? I understand some days you just don't *want* to see, it's overwhelming. I believe that is when we *must* look to God & ask: What? What do you want me to do? What do I do w/ all I have seen?

I firmly believe along w/ knowing the *truth* He will guide us a/ what to do *with* or *about* it.
Tell others? React? Make change?

But we will never know if we keep walking w/o our glasses.
Eventually, that will only cause you to trip & stumble over something you didn't want to *see*.

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