Friday, January 30, 2009

When did *I* become OLD enough....

to have a 16 yo?

The last I remember I was 28!!!!

Yes! my *baby* is 16 yo today. I don't even think I can process this right now. It's kinda weird to be PG AND have a 16 yo. kwim?

I don't think your children should be allowed to grow up IF you can STILL remember thier birth...kwim? It's just not fair.

How did this amazing 4lb 1oz bundle grow up to this *guy* w/ a mustache & kinda goatee?

We're off to Disneyland today then back home for a party that will include Karaoke on the stage in the backyard, marshmallows roasted over the fire pit (fueled by a very crispy Christmas tree), Guitar Hero projected on the side of the garage wall & Atari (yes, ATARI!) in the house!

Good times!

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  1. HAppy Birthday Ernie! (We were at Disney today too)


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