Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Expecting a CA State refund this year? How 'bout an I.O.U instead?

While the Federal government is bailing out big business.... the *state* can't pay it's bills---or YOU... & the *little guys* are losing jobs left & right...

The state of CA says it's running out of $$$ & if they do, instead of getting your annual state refund, you'll just be getting an I.O.U. you think they will take an IOU from those that OWE taxes?

OR how bout all those bill collectors calling all those newly unemployed individuals & families that can't pay their bills? Is an IOU acceptable collateral to them?

It's all trickling down folks.

But hey, in *this* economy, we should all be applying for those bill collector jobs, I'm pretty sure they're staying busy, right?,0,7686031.story

Google it for TONS of articles on this topic!

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  1. Can I collect interest on my IOU too? How about 25% like my credit card company :-0


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