Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Used children's items ILLEGAL starting Feb. 10th!!!!


New law goes into effect Feb 10th!!!Do you LOVE the thrift store bargains you can get for your kiddos? Love all that savings & realize it's the only way you can keep your kiddos properly clothes & warm? Guess what? It's OVER! Stock up NOW because starting Feb 10th...it's OVER!!!

Think this doesn't affect you cause you shop NEW, or higher end BOUTIQUE, OOAK hand-made clothing & accessories for your children? Guess what? THAT is affected too unless those sellers can afford the HIGH price of having EACH of thier items tested for lead!!!

NO more OOAK boutique clothing & style!

No more hand-made quality toys!

No more hand-made period!!!

Do you realize HOW MANY homes supplement their income by making & selling HAND-MADE OOAK items, especially for children?

Love the nostalgia of a cute hand-made doll? Or teddy bear? forget it.

Especially in these hard economic times & financial crisis, the government is going to introduce a law LIKE THIS? Outlawing the sale of used children's clothing? Outlawing the sale of hand made toys when people are out of work, can't find jobs so they turn to resourceful skills they have BUT it's now ILLEGAL to sew & SELL a pretty little girls dress!!! OR crochet & SELL a stylish boys beanie?
SO instead, when the economy is the TIGHTEST it has been in YEARS, the government is going to tell us that *for our own safety* (guess we are no longer smart enough to determine that ourselves) we can not try & SAVE $$$$ by taking our $$$ to the place w/ the best bargain (like thrift stores) or the BEST quality (like OOAK hand made clothes)!!!

But we will certainly be able to continue to purchase CHEAP, mass produced, imports!!!! If you think back, just this past year...how many HAND MADE items were RECALLED due to dangerous levels of LEAD? & how many MASS PRODUCED IMPORTS were recalled due to dangerous levels of lead & other chemicals?

& yet....WHO is getting put OUT of business?THINK ABOUT IT!!!

Maybe you're a middle-roader...you shop consignment, & sell your children's *gently-worn* clothes via consignment shops...NOPE! They are out of luck & many out of business too!!!!

AND one more thing to think about...WHERE are ALL those used clothes going to go now? What about ALL the children's clothing & toys being sold on Feb 9th, that were NOT tested....LANDFILL!!!! Your local Target is NOT going to GIVE them away, they can't sell them & they CAN'T donate them to the local goodwill either!!!! And ALL those children clothes & toys already @ the thrift store that aren't sold by 2/10---TRASH!!!!!

This law is a bad, Bad, BAD idea on SO MANY LEVELS!!!!!





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  1. Wow...I understand car seats...but sheez this is crazy!!


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