Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sex-pot to Totally NOT!

Not that I've ever *really* considered myself a sex-pot or even close...but there's that small window of opportunity in pregnancy where your body's filling out & you don't exactly *look* pg but your skin is glowing & fresh, you're kinda voluptuous & the hormones are raging. Well, that is if you're not barfing & hanging out over a disgusting toilet all day.

But anyway, one day it suddenly switches & nothing fits & you can't see your feet & you keep noticing stains on your shirt where your stomach is just *always* in the way! In *that* moment, you struggle to still look somewhat attractive, despite your growing girth.

You long for some semblance of *self* & not just the identity of human-incubator. kwim?
You try to dress nicer, which is a total joke as far as the maternity fashion ward is concerned, but we wear denial like a badge of honor & try anyway.

I experienced that first hand today. It's been hot suddenly, in the dead of winter, so I found myself a maternity skirt. I told myself it was cute, ignoring the UNflattering bunched elastic along the back, worn w/ a bright red maternity shirt. (@ least it didn't have any stains) I did wonder, however, if it was this fitted *now*, how would it be next month? {sigh}

I was @ the mall w/ DH, he was looking for shoes.

I happend to land my eyes on the cutest & slightly sexy heels EVER.
They had a bit of open toe, a bow, cork heel & the shoe itself was a tiny red rose print. Can you say Fabulous!
And comparitively speaking, they made my gams look great!
I pondered if I, an obviously full & pg woman, could *pull it off*.
I was debating how long I could *really* wear them until I began to ache *somewhere*...when DH walked up behind me & as I just slightly turned to look @ him.....nearly fell over as I lost my balance!

A simple physical manuever, taken for granted in so many other moments....

The right one didn't quite fit well enough anyway!
& they really weren't worth the price. You call *that* clearance? hmph!
I put them back in the box, noticing a black scuff along the side, they must be a *return*.

And slipped my feet back into the flip-flops I was wearing.

Do you think I could pull off high heels while transporting baby in a sling? ;-)

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