Monday, January 12, 2009

WHY in the world....

was I looking for a FROG CROCHET APPLIQUE PATTERN on google & one of the links I click on was total P*RN?

The key words it highlighted were the ones I was looking for.

WHY do people do that?

If you *want* to find smut, then you find smut, BUT why the TRICKERY?Shock value ??ugh.

Then I'm trying to click BACK & it won't do it, but I have enough sense to find my way out quickly & cover the screen w/ my hand so as not to go blind or something. ugh!

And *yes* I do have my google preferences set to filter.

There was *nothing* to indicate it was anything other then a boring ol' crochet site.


  1. I hate this! Sneaky. Very sneaky!

  2. You don't go blind from P, you go blind from... oh, never mind.

    Seriously though, it's getting obnoxious. Google image search has just about gotten useless because you can't run one without finding something nasty. You can search for the most benign things and you'll find something you really don't want to see.

    Though that reminds me, when I was 12 and had my first internet privileges, I would occasionally run into porn searching for innocent stuff. I would tell my mom, because dad wouldn't believe me, and mom would say she found it. So I came up with the idea, why isn't P just ""? That way, if you're looking for P, it's easy to find, if you're not, you won't run into it!

    13 years later, someone else came up with the idea. It was in the [tech] news but then disappeared all of a sudden. Makes you wonder if the industry put a quiet on that because they'd lose money if people didn't just stumble into it.



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