Thursday, February 19, 2009

Again Please?

The more I'm *in* it...the more I *see*.

There is some weird, unexplainable issues going on w/ my health care coverage & it's enough to make any slightly tired or simply unmotivated person GIVE UP! All letters & paperwork stated I & my family were covered since Jan 1, 2009.

Then you request what *plan* you want to use. Ok, did that, numerous times, on numerous occasions, went to member services offices, following all directions & instructions given...each to NO avail!

Then received the appropriate paperwork assuring me that I & my family were covered, in the plan we wanted, staring Feb 1, 2009. OOokkkk. I had to cancel my Jan prenatal appointment as it was...but figured it would be ok for Feb.

I was told to call back in Feb to *be sure* I was covered....ok? I did that...NOPE!
Found out my *case worker*, 3rd one in 6 weeks btw, ONLY handles the *food stamp* portion of my case now & my medi-cal (health coverage) has been *separated* from the food stamp portion of the *case*....Whatever *that* means. What does that mean? & WHY is it happening?

I was told to call another number & ask for ________ a supervisor. I called was not given access to the supervisor & given the run around & transferred numerous times. Finally, after about 3 different phone numbers & transfers, I was transfered to a *supervisor* who was the initial person I was instructed to ask for & speak to!!!!

She informed me my case had been *separated* & that my medi-cal case worker was in *training* & she (the supervisor) would be turning in my paperwork on the 20th...this was the beginning of the month, mind you. WHY it had to wait until the 20th, I have NO idea.

I then asked her: so I won't be able to see my provider until I am 8 MONTHS pregnant? I have NOT had a prenatal appointment since Dec 1st!!! OH! You're pg? YES!!!! Oh well, you should be able to make it to your next appointment on the Feb 25th! Oh ok! {eyeroll}.

Well I forgot to ask her what to do in case of an I go to my health plan provider or do I go to the nearest hospital? Cause the health plan is a member plan so I wasn't sure if I would have access to them if I was not in the system. kwim?

So I started to have some suspicious issues earlier this week so I finally called the health department to ask this simple question. It was about 11:30 am. I have NO idea who my medi-cal case worker I call the general number, cause I have a general question, right? The woman who answers informs me I can call back w/ questions between 8:30am & 10:30 am.

Are you kidding me? She was serious. She would NOT answer my simple question. I told her I was pg & I wanted to know what to do in case of an emergency. She asked: IS it an EMERGENCY? whaaaa??? Is this a life or death emergency? Ok, well not @ the moment. Ok then you can call back between 8:30 am & 10:30 am.

Apparently you are NOT allowed to have emergencies except for between those hours, Monday through Friday. Are you kidding me? WHY did she even answer the phone then? Am I NOT a human being?

I felt *so* frustrated I just burst into tears! I began to feel just so awful. Thank goodness I was able to combat these lies of the enemy about my personal value & worth w/ God's truth...but imagine all those who are in this system & do not have that *truth*?

It was such an awful & frustrating feeling. People NOT wanting to help you.
DH was able to call the health plan directly & get some answers that were quite reassuring but jeez!

This is real life people! This is what people go through & deal w/ *every single day*. They get beaten & worn down, mistreated & eventually it becomes *who* they are....They can't get out of it, they think they deserve this treatment & so they stay in this system forever.

I am an educated, intelligent, grown woman...& yet *I* feel overwhelmed & confused w/ the mounds of paperwork, case worker changes, forms, questions & appointments myself. SO imagine someone who's english isn't that good? Or perhaps they don't feel too smart & worse, have absolutely NO help or support to navigate through each question....Giving up & avoiding it all together looks very tempting.

Then you have these families falling through the cracks w/ no hope.

It's NOT about people *wanting* to be poor! It's *not* about people *wanting* to take advantage. It's about a lack of compassion & hope & a mentality that sees no other way out.

I don't know exactly why God has me here, in this position, @ this time...but I have an idea.
I don't fit the *stereo-type*, I know that. I stand out like a sore thumb @ the offices when I have to go there. I look like the *exception* right?

But I am a person, just like every other human being who does NOT look like an *exception* in this *system*. All of US, cause it's NOT a *them*, each of us are children of God!!! Deserving to be treated w/ dignity & compassion.

Maybe that is the's NOT a *them* vs US. I am NO different from the next. I think people want to comfort themselves & tell themselves my family are the *exception*, we are not *taking advantage* of the system...uh NO! Look @ ME! I can be a representative of this SYSTEM! The problems w/ it & the reason so many can get sucked in & never move out of it...

I do have an advantage in that I have a *support System*, which many do how can we help those w/o that support &hope? That is the question. What are we DOING to HELP?

Btw: food stamps covers candy, soda, gum, kool-aid, cupcake sprinkles but NOT energy drinks!
Just thought you should know. ;-)

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