Thursday, February 19, 2009

Loving the UNloveable

Through out my life I've heard numerous sermons on loving the unlovable. Most often the example has been given of people loving dirty, homeless people. EEEwwwweeee yuck! right?

But I am realizing it's EASY to love a homeless person. Give them some $$$, or some food, smile & send them on their merry way. That's loving them right? If you're brave enough, give them a hug. Seems easy enough to me.

But you know what...I am realizing it's much more & much harder than *that*!

It's the people IN your actual life, that you must deal w/ maybe cause they are members of your very own family that continuously rub you the wrong way. kwim?

Those are the people that I am finding the most challenging to *love*! It's ridiculous but true.

You expect something from family members. You expect certain behaviors, be honest. You expect consideration, graciousness, mutual respect. Sometimes you don't get any of that though. Instead you get crazy, immature, disappointing behavior that leads yout o want *nothing* to do w/ these people EVER again---but they are *family*!!!

HOW to love those unloveable people we can *not* get away form. Theya re not some stranger we can give a bottle of water to & bless as they go along thier way & we never see again. They are IN thier lives, prechosen by God to be relatives. You did not choose them & perhaps if you had been given the choice, you would NOT have chosen them. lol God has though.

Where is *that* sermon about loving the unloveable? Loving the hard to love that you must see & interact w/ on a regular basis.

That is my current challenge/struggle. I plan to rise to it though, by the Grace of God within me....

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