Saturday, February 21, 2009

-Here we go, here we go, HERE we GOOooooo!

Dh has 2 auditions! One this morning & one Monday afternoon.

I am so excited for him. I know he is so excited too.

Both were calls he submitted *himself* for, iow, his agent did not submit him. We can figure why...they were for *older* men. heehee. They wanted older, hispanic, fluent Spanish speaking men. He is *not* older right?

But that premature gray hair he has? Well it looks like it could be lucrative. Don't tell him I told you, but his agent told him to color his gray away so he'd look more his age & younger, ok fine, it's his facial hair mostly, so he took pix w/ it colored & that is what the agent wanted & she has...he also has pix w/ his *gray* he submitted himself w/ pix of the gray to these 2 calls & they called him. So it works to be versatile.

This would never work nor be an option for a woman! kwim? lol

Just getting the calls are encouraging but it would be SO much MORE exciting if he actually could get the jobs. right?

Here's hoping...but it's just the beginning. I am confident there will be plenty more *calls* out there! I was feeling so down yesterday too...getting into that: *I'm-tired-of-having-to-live-like-this-&-not-even-having-$5-to-my-name-life!!!* kwim?

I cried (literally) out to God & asked him for *some* encouragement....well this was just what *I* needed. Hope, hope, hope!!!

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  1. Oh how exciting. Praying for you all. And glad for this little encouragement for you all.


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