Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back to Babies R Us today.

I'm behind on posting, sorry. But hey! I made a slideshow of all my pg pix, week by week but blog is giving me grief when trying to post it...so maybe later.

Anyhoo. The shower turned out nice. We got a car seat, which was *really* ALL we *needed*! kwim? I feel a bit bad cause people keep asking me what we *need*---well after all these years, either I've forgotten or (& this is what I actually believe) I've just realized what I simply DON'T need. Which is most everything made for babies these days. lol I don't have space for *stuff*. My personal philosophy is that most of the larger items are created for moms to NOT hold baby.

Well duh! Isn't that what we are *supposed* to be doing? SO who needs a vibrating seat? Who needs a rocker seat? Who needs a gym hanging toy thingy? Who needs an exersaucer? kwim? & they use it for such a short time.

I prefer to *wear* my babies & then if I must set them down, they can learn to play on a blanket....not to mention....brothers & sisters that can help & entertain baby. kwim?

I don't have room for a highchair. Big E's aunt was kind enough to purchase the booster seat that comes w/ a tray, that attaches to a regular dining chair, from my registry! I think it's perfect & it's height adjustable. I had something similar w/ the last 2 & it was much more convenient.

I'm off again today to return some duplicate items & allow the not-so-littles to scan some more items. It's fun for them.

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