Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I took back the duplicates & a couple other items I don't need. Wasn't too bad. & I let my not-so-littles scan whatever. lol

I finally found some bedding & blankets I really liked. Not that it matters but some people are really interested in your *theme*...well I realized my *theme* is basically *green*. lol I really like the colors they have now of green, brown & maybe some blue thrown in. So I scanned quite a few coordinating littel blankets, one full bedding set & other odds & ends like canvas baskets & such.

I don't think I will get them but you never know.

After returning the items, combined w/ a gift card I received...I think I will be able to get a *jogging stroller*!!! Yay! Nothing fancy but something none the less. So I need to get back to my *research*.

I *still* want to make something for baby but I just don't know WHAT!!! It's HOT today so now i'm thinking w/ warmer weather on the way that a light weight {sewn} blanket would be better than a crocheted one. Most of the fabric I have though....girly! I have to figure *something* out.

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