Monday, March 9, 2009

A Bright Spot!

Oldest was involved in an extra-curricular Academic Team Competition: Odyssey of the Mind The tournament was this past Saturday.

This one was much more *creative* then ones he's done in the past such as F.I.R.S.T. Lego League & Quikscience Challenge (sponsored by Quiksilver).

Today was the competition & his team took FIRST PLACE in their division, for their *problem* & now they get to go to the STATE San Francisco!!!!
I would LOVE to go back to SF....but it's APRIL 4th. Even my adventurous spirit tells me that is way too close to my EDD to take a road trip! lol

SO if I haven't had baby by then.....he'll have to hitch a ride w/ another team member....or DH takes him & risks missing baby?

We forgot to bring a camera so I don't have ANY pix....but his friends took some so when they share, I'll share.

It was nice that it least is made it all feel *worth* it. kwim?
Plus, simply exciting.

They wrote a sketch, built the set & acted it out then they had to do a *spontaneous problem* & coaches nor parents could NOT help or give idea @ all for *any* of it. Even all the event prep, like set builidng, costume making, sketch writing etc.

I think their *set* really put them over the top, the judges just LOVED it. They made a giant *story book* & each page was a new background scene. So they had 4 different scenes. No one had anything like that. Most had one simple back drop, maybe 2.

The other kids I saw were just as talented & funny...*I* was impressed.

Their sketch had to have a few required elements an animated artificial person they had a giant Zeus head they built, that used a pulley to move it's mouth.
Hard to explain but just know it was cool. lol

I spent most of the day sleeping/hanging out in the car. It was a LONG day & chilly. It was easier to just relax, keep warm & nap in the car....especially after our trialsome week. They were finished w/ their spots early but the awards ceremony wasn't until late the day was spent *waiting*.

I was certainly energized after they announced the winners!
I *wish* I could go to SF! The idea of Ern going w/o me or us is such a bummer...I'd love to be able to show the kids all the neat places DH & I visited when we went a couple years ago.

I know he is VERY excited too. :-)

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