Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting excited?

I think I am....

A few online E-quaintances have had their babies recently & it makes me feel excited.

Plus, w/ all the extended family drama & stress I've been experiencing lately, I am looking fwd to the sweet blessing & distraction a baby can bring. I still need to get the crib out of the garage & make sure everything is ok w/ it.

I need to clean up my room really good to make room for the crib, or in the not-so-littles room.

Baby will be rooming n w/ us & co-sleeping for quite some time, but eventually will be in the crib & I want it out & about now. kwim? Our rooms are so small...

The BH I experience are getting stronger. Nothing serious but simply noticeably stronger & more intense. Sleeping is getting harder & sciatica is getting stronger but not as bad as I far anyway. I am thankful about that though.

@ my last appointment CNM still pointed out that she *still* wants me to take the diabetes/sugar test. {eyeroll} She said though that they would do some other labs @ the same time. I'm not sure what other tests there are...but whatever. Everyone has been sick here so I did not make the appointment yet, but I will tomorrow, unless I forget. She also said she will do an ultra-sound @ the next app & they will being to be every 2 weeks now.

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